Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sioufi Public Garden Is Connected

 "Internet in Public Gardens across Lebanon"
 So, I decided it is time I pay Sioufi's public space a visit for the first time.

The internet is of the slow kind, but still, you can access you emails and check into Facebook while looking at Mount Lebanon (I did not dare load a youtube video).

On another note, I do not get why they ban picture taking in the gardens in Beirut. so I took a few photo, while the guards were laughing near by. They said nothing.


  1. This garden is beautiful! Yeah, still don't get the whole "no picture taking" thing. You have to be on stealth mode and use your camera on your phone most of the time.

  2. Well, I wasn't really secretive about it, was waiting for them to stop me, but they did not. so yeah, it is beautiful and a calm hideout from the city!


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