Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 months after the rePLACE Beirut workshop

 During the rePLACE Beirut project, I took some close-up portraits of the political candidates posters of Rmeil and Geitawi; the Blues Collection.
At the same time, I wanted to frame the faces for the public to "see" them because they are becoming unseen decor from the street - until they fade out completely. So I Framed, with tape, a series of portraits, a bit more then a couple of months later, this is the result.


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  2. COOL! I want to take park in the next rePLACE Beirut workshop. Let me know when it takes place, ok? :D

  3. wow, so nice to see how your intervention has aged and become so naturally embedded in the landscape! i love it~

    would you be able to share these images or link on the rePLACE facebook page, too? so nice for everyone to see!

    are you in new York now?


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