Thursday, August 5, 2010

All-Blue tinted Laundry - Ashrafieh Streets

Traditional Beiruty home, with green plants very well taken care of and very neatly hanged laundry on the front porch...(now about why they are all blue, I've made a hundred stories in my head: a superhero lives there, this is part of his costume, it's a magical tint that her grandma told her keeps the underwear fresh and soft for her man, there are dark ones and light ones, she hangs them approximately from older to newer? or next week, if i pass the street again, will it be all green tint?...) ; while contemplating... that's gonna soon be replaced with all-polished towers with curtain glass balconies were no sun reaches the ground floor, but thankfully you can hear the drying machine. That's evolution.


  1. maybe it's a "rent an underwear" place :):)

  2. this is extremely funny and extraordinary scene indeed!
    I like the idea of your blog so much!
    very nice shots
    and interesting thoughts!

  3. I really like the pictures, and it makes me wonder too...

  4. Thank you dear anonymous, jinan and foodroadmood :) for your comments

  5. Haha this is hilarious and on their front porch too? I want to know the story behind this!


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