Friday, February 10, 2012

An odd appearance on the Mar Mitr (St Dimitrios) Wall

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While stuck in traffic on the street between Sassine and Spinneys there is this huge wall, very inviting for graffiti, I would say, but maybe the church kept an eye on the "vandalism" till now?
Anyways, there, next to Elie Hobeika's posters, there is a stencil of Marc Riboud's photo, from the demonstration in 1967 in Washington, by the American youth against the war in Vietnam.

The stencil is dated 21/01/2012 but I can't see a signature. Why is this (image sending these messages) here (on that wall, in Beirut, in 2012)? How long will this flower power message last?


  1. There you go! :)
    I'm so glad you noticed it, I was afraid that it wasn't visible from the street since cars keep parking in front of it!

  2. :)
    Will you be stenciling more iconic images from war times sending messages of peace? maybe we, as Lebanese, can take a look on the international History, since we do not agree on a unified Lebanese History, but wars damage is similar everywhere...

  3. Hm, I like how you think!
    We will definitely think about it, and if you have anything in mind, any ideas, we would love to hear them :)

  4. I don't know how i forgot to mention it before but you should check the stencil of Banksy based on Nick Ut's iconic image from the vietnam war
    It is believed that this image helped in ending the conflict since it shocked (american) people a lot

    1. May I join?
      Checking Banksy's stencil about that now.

      And yes, we will be doing more images, maybe not iconic, but definitely sending messages of peace.

  5. Of course, you may.
    I will be on the lookout for those then!


  7. :-)


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