Monday, February 27, 2012

Please give us Kahraba (Electricity)

Please give us Kahraba, "Moteur" doesn't stand the AC
The generator can not stand the water heating system and the AC (working on heating mode of course) working together, and it is so freaking cold this winter! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

An odd appearance on the Mar Mitr (St Dimitrios) Wall

Click on the image for a larger view - copyrighted ©

While stuck in traffic on the street between Sassine and Spinneys there is this huge wall, very inviting for graffiti, I would say, but maybe the church kept an eye on the "vandalism" till now?
Anyways, there, next to Elie Hobeika's posters, there is a stencil of Marc Riboud's photo, from the demonstration in 1967 in Washington, by the American youth against the war in Vietnam.

The stencil is dated 21/01/2012 but I can't see a signature. Why is this (image sending these messages) here (on that wall, in Beirut, in 2012)? How long will this flower power message last?

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