Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 months after the rePLACE Beirut workshop

 During the rePLACE Beirut project, I took some close-up portraits of the political candidates posters of Rmeil and Geitawi; the Blues Collection.
At the same time, I wanted to frame the faces for the public to "see" them because they are becoming unseen decor from the street - until they fade out completely. So I Framed, with tape, a series of portraits, a bit more then a couple of months later, this is the result.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turkey says: Seize the moment (oh, and... forget the past!)

Poster pasted on a billboard advertising for Tourism in Turkey says: "Beware of Turkey, the new Ottoman face"
For some time now, we can travel to Turkey without a Visa, quite a privilege for the Lebanese passport owners. I went to Turkey back in 2003 when I needed to get a visa, but I know many who went to Turkey lately and enjoyed it, specifically because it is "convenient holidays" : no visa, close by, affordable. But, not everyone is happy about it. Indeed, yesterday I spotted a poster that says "Beware of Turkey, the new Ottoman face" posted on the Billboards.

The Lebanese emotions for this neighboring country vary between two poles : Anger from the Ottoman period and from the state not recognizing the (obvious) Armenian genocide and ...Delight watching the Turkish Stars of the soap opera shows.

I'd say take a holiday; turn off the TV.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sioufi Public Garden Is Connected

 "Internet in Public Gardens across Lebanon"
 So, I decided it is time I pay Sioufi's public space a visit for the first time.

The internet is of the slow kind, but still, you can access you emails and check into Facebook while looking at Mount Lebanon (I did not dare load a youtube video).

On another note, I do not get why they ban picture taking in the gardens in Beirut. so I took a few photo, while the guards were laughing near by. They said nothing.
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