Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turkey says: Seize the moment (oh, and... forget the past!)

Poster pasted on a billboard advertising for Tourism in Turkey says: "Beware of Turkey, the new Ottoman face"
For some time now, we can travel to Turkey without a Visa, quite a privilege for the Lebanese passport owners. I went to Turkey back in 2003 when I needed to get a visa, but I know many who went to Turkey lately and enjoyed it, specifically because it is "convenient holidays" : no visa, close by, affordable. But, not everyone is happy about it. Indeed, yesterday I spotted a poster that says "Beware of Turkey, the new Ottoman face" posted on the Billboards.

The Lebanese emotions for this neighboring country vary between two poles : Anger from the Ottoman period and from the state not recognizing the (obvious) Armenian genocide and ...Delight watching the Turkish Stars of the soap opera shows.

I'd say take a holiday; turn off the TV.


  1. You're saying that you are encourage people to go to a country that denies its own history and responsibilities towards hundreds of thousands of compatriots (Lebanese) of Armenian descent?

  2. Not at all. I do not boycott Turkey today, but this is a sarcastic critique,and maybe a subtle one if it was not clear to you. More clearly what I meant is take a holiday from soap opera shows and tv...and think for your own, from there on and decide what's your take on it.
    also, the title by itself is a critique of the slogan and the visual that shows the sea and couples but does not show (the abundant) historic monuments in Turkey; for i think they don't want to advertise their heritage for the Lebanese even though they do for other countries (on CNN and similar) because they are so very aware of the History between the Lebanese and Lebanese Armenians and the Turks and they want to overlook it.

  3. Whatever the case, I've heard amazing things about Istanbul and I can't wait to go! Been trying to organize a group of friends to go to Turkey with..maybe you'll want to go again with meee?!?! :D


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