Monday, March 14, 2011

A Beirut map anchor point

Driving out of St. George Hospital Street, Elie Saba is on your left before getting back on the main road, just where there is traffic jam all the time. 
No matter the weather, he is always there, wearing shorts in summer and this hat during winter times, smoking his cigarette and watching TV.
He provides drive through services selling mainly cigarettes. Just park your car close enough so he does not have to stand up when giving you your pack.


  1. What a story he must have! And what a beautiful photo :-)

  2. i've tried several times to leave a comment here, i always not find it, let me try again, i said: i've seen many times and have actually envied him sometimes :)

  3. haha, yeah, even his street is sometimes calmer then your office buzz!
    mmm and Blogger makes commenting so complicated, you got to be really passionate to leave a comment, so i salute your effort :-D


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