Monday, July 23, 2012

The Souraty Stop - An Urbanism/ Design proposal comes out of video documentation

Frame from the video at the exhibition of
 the Projects at Laboratoire d'Art Galery - Gemmayze

While you can stop any bus anywhere you stand, It seems that in Hamra we have three self emerging Bus Stops: One near Barbar Hamra, One facing the Tourism Ministry and one on Souraty Street corner with Cairo street, with each serving different bus routes.

Taking The Souraty Street as exemple, where van number 4 and bus number 8 stop and servees taxi cars are plenty, we filmed the activity there for a couple of hours:

Analyzing the footage, we found that indeed people gather there to take public transport: there is the usuals who hop on directly knowing bus numbers and destinations, and those who stand there gazing and asking questions and directions if the driver is kind enough to answer. Crossing on red lights is very common and laying back on the concrete stones helps during the waiting time.

Thus, the mini-proposal we came to. On Souraty Street, just after the crossroad with Cairo street, there is a small parking lot, that could very well become a branded Hamra Bus Stop, with benches for the old or tired, navigational maps and bus numbers panels with routes for better efficiency and less hassle, giving the people more confidence in using the public transport system.

Exhibition of the Projects at Laboratoire d'Art - Gemmayze
Frame from the video at the exhibition of the
Projects at Laboratoire d'Art Galery - Gemmayze

Exhibition of the Projects at
Laboratoire d'Art - Gemmayze

The proposal by Lynn Zarif and myself

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Round Up: Phoenicien Port of Minet El Hosn gone

Picture taken on year ago, Phoenician plot in the foreground, war torn old holiday inn hotel in the background.

Round-up of what is going on after the destruction of the port:

Destruction du Port Phénicien de Minet el-Hosn 26-06-20: MTV reporting:

L'Orient le Jour article:

Liban News reporting:

Al-akhbar newspaper reporting:

The Daily Star

Now Lebanon:

Resignation letter of Hisham Sayegh, archeologist of the site:

Keep following up on the subject on Save Beirut Heritage facebook group:
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