Thursday, July 29, 2010

"A" Sukleen Story

 That's the old Sukleen green bin with the S we all know...
(this photo is from their website, since they did rebrand the whole city but not the website yet)

For 2 weeks, we had beautiful colorful bins with the new logo - a kind of a walking 'A' for Averda, the mother company, according to their website. (I thought they were compensating for the missing flowers in Beirut)

...But now, we are back to the green garbage bins, only using the new logo.
Does this mean that the colorful bins where just a tactic communication practice to get the new logo noticed?

Conclusion ; the new logo got noticed, not sure I like it, but I appreciated the colorful bins, and would have preferred if they stayed longer on the streets... And, I am still calling them (= the bins, the guys, the company, the green!) Sukleen _ till now, it's Sukleen with the 'A' logo.
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