Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shop Nothing - Ashrafieh, Beirut.

A Shop from"Back-in-the-time-when-I-was-your-age, Beirut was different" daddy says.

One of the many shops in Geitawi, Ashrafieh area, open daily and selling barely nothing.
As the area is getting more and more attention from real estate gurus, old rental contracts, are hopefully wishing they will be "thrown out" ( اخلاء ) at a higher price when keeping a business; even if the business is a few shoes dating from the 80's where you get the dust for free, if you ever consider the bargain.

Meanwhile, the shop owner, was eating "Banadoura Baladi" (local tomatoes) with labneh at the front desk!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guest post : Hala Dabaji - TERRORISM or the Beirut Building Boom

Hala Dabaji, an artist with a keen urban eye, located this mutating graffiti. You can see some of her work on her website.

"Series of panels at the entrance of a building site, next to my studio.
The construction workers move the panels each time they open / close the entrance to the site
They are definitely not playing standard scrabble. They say these are the Beirut Building Boom vocabulary" Hala Dabaji

(The last couple of year, everyday a historical building goes down, everyday a sky scraper is born. In addition to artists' reaction, activists, creating a facebook group Save Beirut Heritage, reacted last month with a demonstration. Many are furious but not much is changing.)
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