Monday, November 8, 2010

Gas Station's Flower Vase - Damascus Road

Romanticism in a plastic water bottle at a gas station in Lebanon.

*updated: added white frame for the black from the open door escapes and makes the composition heavy on one side. that's balance in context of a website with a black background.

*update 2: changed the background of the blog to Grey.


  1. I wonder who arranged these flowers like that? it would be interesting if that man did it himself...

  2. Beautiful composition ! :)
    One tiny thing you could change is the angle on the floor... a slight detail could add more balance!
    Other than that, love your blog !

  3. thank you!
    the horizontal is actually the line of the building separating the blue from the white paint since it is built on a slope... but yeah might feel heavier of the man's and door side, ... other than that, I'll go check your blog :)

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