Thursday, November 4, 2010

Play - since you like to play - and don't loose that play liking habit.

At around 11am, I was driving somewhere between St. Nicholas and Sofil.
I saw her, but I do not have a photo.

She was skipping rope, jumping one jump after the other, playing alone, between 2 cars parked on the side road park-meter.

She is one of those kids who annoy you when you are already annoyed by the traffic jam, one of those kids, who at 11am are not at a school. One, of those kids like all kids, who likes to play.

This capacity children have to stop everything, forget everything and play is amazing; forget the traffic, the money, the work, the sun, the shoe, the people and... jump.

Jump, play, dream. I want to too. (just playing with the "too to" sound)


  1. How delightful! We too often forget to stop and play!! :-)

  2. no need for a snapshot. this snappy post captures the image. a photo may have been intrusive. but then, the other side of the image is the increasing number of people who live in poverty...

  3. "poor little girl playing during her work time" is the main image. Because , of course, she shouldn't be "there-now" thus she is attention grabbing more then a regular kid playing with his parents or at his house. even though both are powerful images to me, if i stop and see. (remembering the video u showed me yesterday ;) )


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