Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's a Full Moon This Morning - Beirut

7 am in the morning. I am driving above Bourj Hammoud, on Yerevan Bridge. Suddenly, there is traffic jam, surprisingly it is not so bad. we are moving, but slowly.
The sky is blue with stunning cold autumn day colors and a full moon just in front me. I can feel the sun coming out from behind as it lights the clouds.
When I got close to the tunnel, the moon disappeared behind the hill, only to appear again, once I got to the end of Charles Helou Avenue; while crossing the Ring. Only this time, 10 minutes more into the day, the sun is shining, covering all the facades with its soft light. the moon standing there a bit shyer, romantically fading behind the Murr building.


  1. Absolutely beautiful shots. Stunning. Makes me miss Beirut so so much.


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