Monday, June 27, 2011

Le Festival du film interdit/ The Banned Films Festival

With a name like that, the festival managed to attract a huge number of media, even though it was a small 5-movies-film-festival initially. Of these 5 movies, 2 got censured, again : Green Days, on the iranian revolution of 2009, directed by Hana Makhmalbaf (story on iloubnan) and "Chou Sar" directed by Degaulle Eid, about the massacre of his family during the civil war. It was banned by Lebanese General Security for “inciting sectarianism”.

Well, I would like to see these two films and decide what I think about them on my own.

Oh, and I promise, though I might be angry about the History of my country, I won't kill anyone after, I believe such a movie would be more of a cleansing bath for a really sectarian society that is in fact nurtured by this kind of censorship.

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