Thursday, October 16, 2014

Since the city is small

This man, the one you don't know
Yet often see, since the city is small

Who stays a while, who drinks his wine
Often by himself,
yet sometimes babbles with your friends, 
or friends of friends,
Since the city is small, and the bar is smaller.

This man, the one you don't know, 
yet to whom you smile, 
Has got an appealing face, a mystery grace
Got you intrigued but you don't know why

This man has always left
A bit too soon,
this man has always moved a bit to fast
Out of your sight, 

Sitting with your friends, laughing all aloud
You did not see the intruding smile


He held your hand and lifted you up, 
And you flew away from the friendly spot
To this man you listened 
He did actually talk, 
Intrigued you were, just for how long?
With words you replied: of course, what else?


Did he notice what you said? it is not important 
Obvious that became, you drank more wine
To haze the certain
Yet, the moment is always here for now,
Or was there for then, to be quite precise.

This man, the one you know 
and often see, since the eyes are there
Yet don't often note, since the city is cold
Who stays a while, who drinks his wine
Has got a face that lost its glare

You sit with your friends, you lift your eyes
you shake your head, you don't mean the smirk
you've meant a 'hello,
we have met before'

you don't understand how 
your sight can change, for what you see,
Is a man you know, since the city is small,
A friend of a friend, and nothing more.

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