Tuesday, October 28, 2014

14 Thoughts of a Lebanese in Dubai

1- That sidewalk is as wide as a street in Beirut. 

Walking in Beirut is more of a hike and an adventure. I can't believe all this large sidewalk is just for me. Also, thank God I am on the shady side of the street, it is so hot to walk in the Sun, ah, long tower buildings, that I hate in Beirut here have a vital role, creating a shady sidewalk to the lonesome pedestrian.

2- Disney Took inspiration from the Orientalist painters to create Aladdin, Dubai mall took inspiration from Disney to create "The Souk" part of the mall

in case you are wondering the plant is plastic.

3- In case you are wondering, this plant is also plastic.

But hey, it is in a metro air-conditioned tunnel. and I better not complain, it is very very hot outside. it would have been impossible to make that walk from the metro to the mall in any other way. Also, notice how metro stations take the name of the Mall close to them. they are The ultimate Landmarks of Dubai, and that way, Tourist don't have to bother you asking which is the stop to "Dubai mall"?  

4 - Beirut has a (Ghost) city center and Dubai's mall center seems to function like a central square

You can't talk about Dubai and not mention the malls. Those self contained consumption environments are the only place to escape to during the hot hours of the day if you don't have a day job, aka rich local, tourist or housewife, if you do, you probably go there after work. Yet the center of the mall, which was supposed to function as a central square, somehow fails to do so. Where are the street vendors ;)

5 - The decorative lights of that Supermarket are just hilarious. Ya Lulu, what did you do?
6- The metro station looks cool, and its horizontal rounded shape creates a nice change fitting very well the long shaped backdrop of skyscrapers.

Okay, I want a good public transportation system in Lebanon. 

7 - In Any other city, this wall would have been full of graffiti.
 it seems very weird how clean it is. Tucked in a one meter wide alley, I say it is very inviting to spray bomb
8 - oh, Actually there is a tiny tiny graffiti

Seems like someone did something then decided to hide it. 
Unless, my interpretation is correct and this is a Burger Burka Graffiti. 
9 - Does anyone actually use this gold to go machine?
10 - Gap talking about the art of dressing normal in Dubai. 

What is normal dressing anyways? is it the same in the US., in Dubai, in India, Egypt and Japan, etc..? What works in the USA as calling for a casual look might not work as good in Dubai's mall, as westernized as they might look at first.

11- Can you please clean after your dogs in Ashrafieh?

How many times have you stepped in dog poop on the sidewalk in Beirut? seems like dogs are getting more and more popular everyday, yet not cleaning after them. let's not wait for Beirut municipality to take legal action as I already mentioned in this previous post

12- There is something called Sandstorm in Dubai and it is nasty but it hopefully does not last long.
13- The Best thing about Dubai is the Beach

It is Clean, accessible and Free for all to use. Why does that seem to be a difficult thing to achieve in Lebanon?

14 - A final thought for the workers of Dubai building the city silently.

That day I learned never to go out without a bottle of water in my bag.


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