Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ever walked the Lebanese streets during daytime and noticed street lights were on? Waffir A new App. to save Energy

I had already mentioned the daytime lit street lights a while back in an older post, when I used to drive though Geitawi area, and see... the lights on during the day, day after day.
Now, someone is trying to do something about it and proactively, they created a new app., to exactly do this action: "Report street lights on during the day with a click". I got in contact with the Muhanna foundation behind the application and they soon explained it to me : Waffir  helps lebanon save up energy one click at a time, yet, it depends on the crowd (YOU) reporting the wrongly lit light, on the spot, where the lights are on during the day, day after day.

How WAFFIR works:
1-Downlaod the Waffir app. (available for iphone and androids)
2- You see a street light on.
3- Turn on your GPS for the app. to locate where you are, thus where the light is on. (no need to turn on your map option if you are running low on your 3G plan)
4- Open Waffir app.
5- Click the Report Button, Done! (you can turn back off your GPS)

Yet, for "Waffir" to get in contact with the municipalities and ask them to solve the problem, they mentioned that they need to receive Multiple Reports of the same light being on during the day, day after day, since occationnaly lights might be on for maintenance reasons....meaning "Waffir" is counting on Crowd Sourced Reports from all the Lebanese, all over lebanon, roaming the streets and willing to do good, not just for their communities but for all the cities and villages in their country, and for the public space and our planet in general.

Because it really feels good to do good :), Waffir Energy (meaning save energy in Arabic) and do report the lights on during the day, day after day... and, watch how much time it takes for the municipalities to respond and fix the light's timers. Is it an efficient municipality or not? ... that will be revealed with time and repeated usage of the app.

Having tangible proof for holding municipalities accountable also does feel good :)
mmm, so what other apps then an app reporting lights on during the day should we have to better keep an eye on public property and services and their usage?

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