Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Beirut Municipality, ever heard of Global Warming? What about management of supply?

The lights are on, when the sun is on. Curious.

The streets of Beirut are lit even during the day. Not just on one day, but over and over again daily in that neighborhood, at noon, Geitawi is sparkling. Not that you see it, Sun is stronger after all.
That alone is stupefying for any conscious being listening about The subject of news this year: "Global Warming".
That somehow still does not affect most Lebanese who consider having much bigger problems to deal with.

But when the households just next to these street lights get daily 3 hours (minimum) electricity cutoffs because of lack of supply...Outrageous!


  1. what you overlook is that these lamps work on sunlight during day and moonlight during night and since sunlight and moonlight do not penetrate the walls of houses they can not be used for homes and one must rely on regular bulbs with rationed electric power. c? :P

  2. Good one Moussa! yeah, how did i doubt that powerful intelligent minds are taking decisions in that country where there is sun more then 300 days a year....using solar energy...oh wish!
    yeah ...and inside the homes they are advising the ultramodern use of candles. you know it is also romantic, they say!

  3. Wow, I can't believe this. So much waste yet so much need..unbelievable. I hope something is done to rectify this situation.


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