Thursday, December 2, 2010

What will December bring? [Any chance for my optimism?]

1/10th full or 9/10th empty?

The other side of the impressive majestic Dam

Last week, it was so hot in the city, that two usually busy working girls, with free time on their hands on an exceptionally sunny beautiful Wednesday, decided to go to the mountains for fresh air; and it was a great day.
Now that would be a typical description of a situation happening in August or September, well maybe some days of October too, but that was by the end of November.

Somehow, during our aimless driving, going from hot Antelias to breezy Bekfaya then Klayaat, ...We ended by the new water dam of Shabrouh, Faraya.

If it is not 50/50 then should I say it is 1/10th full or 9/10th empty?
Is this weather testing my positive attitude and optimism?

Today is December 2nd 2010 and "Lebanon has had 51.2 millimetres (2.05 inches) of rain since September, drastically down from 214.8 millimetres during the same period last year."(France 24)
I am a person who prefers by far summer and sun to winter and rain, but with this climate change, I find myself wishing and praying for snow and storm.

May it pour!

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  1. Great and very impressive photos of the problem the country will be facing with this beautiful weather. Although I enjoyed it tremendously during my three weeks in Beirut in November, I understand how worrying this to farmers, the agriculture and especially for the water supplies. Yalla, hopefully rain soon :-))


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