Thursday, January 6, 2011

Supermarket Goods to lift your spirituality

Candles - price tag says : Saint Maroun 3240 LL - N.D. Meduggorieh 3240 LL
Are they selling the candle or the Saint?


  1. I remember once in Dubai seeing a digital Quran for sale.

  2. was it sold at a supermarket or a specialized religious items shop?

    What i find interesting is the fact that it is available just next to the soaps from one side and the pasta sauce on another; plus the fact that the price tag doesn't say "candle St. Maroun" but "Saint Maroun" as if the Saint is for sale, for you buy the candle but Saints are venerated... you see it all got mixed up, when pop culture joined the candle to the Saint's image making it easier for the consumer to buy one product intead of 2 separate...
    there you go, you got all my "statement" about that photo :)


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