Monday, January 24, 2011

A Chain Letter on my car - كل شي ممكن بالحب

Once, around 1993, I received an email that started as a cute lovely poem but sounded as a death threat by the end.

Soon enough, emails like that, recognized as Chain Letters, started pouring into my inbox. Now, most people stopped sending them, since all recognized how silly they are (no one died and no one got a million dollar out of the blue) ...

But, last week, I found this piece of paper on my car's windshield: A photocopied Chain Letter.

The irony is that it is mentioned in the letter that you have to copy it 20 times - you or your secretary! - you still get the luck not her - and photocopying is accepted apparently too.
The letter is signed Lebanon 1994. Really? Imagine people have beeing photocopying it for 17 years, 20 copies every time and distributing them every 96 hours. What a (-n exponential) waste of papers!
(click the photo for bigger view to read the awkward letter)


  1. What? This is absolute insanity! What does it say?

  2. Hey Danielle! it is your usual chain letter scenario, it says that this is handed to you because you need luck and that the letter started in Venezuela and then they give examples of people who wrote it 20 times and won lottery and others that lost everything, and that you should act within 96 hours or you are doomed!!!!!


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