Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday midnight on Mar Mikhael Vendôme stairs in Beirut

 This Saturday night in Beirut, by the end of the program of Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran, a few where still hanging on, drinking beer and wine on the Vendôme stairs.

While people are busy with the escalating "situation", event cancellations in the country due to foreign safety measures, closing businesses (here and here), Obama's latest thought of action, the honking, the pollution, the immigration, the visas, the job hunt, school starting again, the weather becoming milder, the latest bomb and speculation about the next one, ... One kid played Derbakeh.

The old man sitting next to him seemed like he was singing to him making the rhythm (teb teb teb, teb teb teb, teb tetebdeb tebdebdeb), minutes later, and the kid was really playing good and improvising, so one man stood up and started dancing and pulled the older man out of the stairs to dance with him.

There it was, the perfect moment around midnight that lasted 10 minutes or an eternity: 3 generations connecting through music and dance on the street. And, there was nothing else in the world more important then this rhythm and the movement it created.

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