Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Urban digital Communication: Share Beirut Conferences

found that on their facebook page explaining the stickers.

Here is a story and some observations from a usual night out in Beirut:

On the 3rd of September, to my joy, since I am not a smoker, the smoking ban started in Lebanon; since most of my friends (and Lebanese) smoke, they are really annoyed with this new law.
Thus, all the people who usually go out (to drink and smoke, since both come always together for smokers), were suddenly obliged to have smoking-outside-breaks on the sidewalk. Some places like the Crew Express Bar, pour the cocktail drinks in plastic cups, if you wish to take your drinks outside on the sidewalk with you.
Since the weather is still pleasant, the other option is to find the bars, that have a few tables outside, where you can enjoy smoking while having the drinks and friends around.
That is why few days ago, I was sitting with a few friends outside at Radio Beirut,  even though the music inside was much better then the hoovering sound of the dripping AC just above our table...

Also, Above our table, on the wall, was a small sticker with the words "Share Data", and a memory stick hidden in a small hole below it.

My cynical friend was repeating "you want to take that and use it on your computer, Share Virus, I say", but I was in my nice love-the-universe mood -- that she found obnoxiously hippie-like for her taste -- that though her fears sounded like a very possible bad joke, I decided to see what is on that memory stick.
 ... *Drum beats*... turns out it is ambient music by Klaus Wiese, whom I had to google to get some info on :"Wiese is considered by some as one of the great ambient or space music artists".

That (Sharing and researching knowledge from one individual to another), I think, is part of the "Share Beirut" aim after all, thus their promotion techniques; ... so here I am introducing you to these 3 days of conferences by also including this video about the Share Beirut Conference, and all through the blog entry creating random web links for all to discover, like I discovered the memory stick. Share Beirut seems like a really big event, focused on promoting young and entrepreneurial talents, we rarely hear about, in addition to workshops, music, concerts.

It is on the 5th, 6th and 7th of October at Solea V, See you there!


  1. I'm glad you found and liked it :)

    I am Oday, my friend and I will be participating in Share Beirut as Linux Hive, hope to see you there!

  2. Hello Oday! I'll make sure to check Linux Hive, though I am a Mac user (till now ;) ) good work!

  3. I've heard about it and I'm so glad you found it! Now I know where to go. Thanks for this post :)


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