Monday, April 2, 2012

Spotted in Beirut: timeless architecture

I love how the Upper floor looks like a Cube resting on thinner longer shape.
the balconies detail, the stairs leading to posters display area (wondering if there is a door blocked under all those posters, the windows with different sizes all add to its simple/complex charm
Old stairs getting sunlight: one of the best thing about old architecture in Beirut. Blogpost about it here
There are beautiful old buildings and big elaborate houses, usually with three arcades, dating from the beginning of the 20th century, that get all the attention when it comes to architecture in Beirut. Of course, they are worthy of attention, but, it is those small buildings with little interesting details that I find unique and somehow accidental beauties in a city full of characterless housing. This is one of them. It is in a bad shape, but try to see beyond that, I find it truly one of a kind.


  1. Hi,

    I agree with your comments. Interesting this old style building. As you noticed it, It stands out from the rest for sure. How many people walking beside are indifferent?
    It's nice to notice the details, details make always the difference.

    This must be renovated so it will be even more distinguished.

    The past ten years, people have begun to renovate the abandoned art nouveau style houses of Brussels. In the same street the contrast is striking between these renovated houses and the contemporary buildings of concrete and glass. They are more attractive, really.
    Are there initiatives in this direction in Beirut?

  2. Save Beirut Heritage try to save some of the most prominent houses of the city and still, a lot of beautiful bldg are destroyed. this one is next to a known mall in ashrafieh, and it is not considered to be impressive enough to be "saved" i guess. the land where it stands is very expensive but hopefully too small for investments...


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