Monday, May 2, 2011

Since we've got the permission, don't ask about the reason

"if God grants, don't ask about the reason" and when Man takes? should we ask about the reason?
The Arabic saying posted on the bulldozer means "if God gives, don't ask about the reason", but I read it at first as "Since we've got the permission, don't ask about the reason" partly because of the rust eating some parts of the first half of the sentence, and also because I believe that this is the actual situation (poor eye sight problems, but with some vision ;) ).
The bulldozer is parked on the plot of the Ex-cinema Vendome building and the future Aya Tower, where the protest against the demolition of Mar Mikhael (organized by Save Beirut Heritage) took place.

Why would the real estate companies care about old Beiruty buildings and heritage when the ministry and municipality does not & gives legal permission to demolish? ...also, when there is a call to protest only a few really answer the call and physically show up (only around 50 people came to the protest, although online the save Beirut Heritage group has 7000 members and 600 people said they would attend the Sit In), still, online support is better than no support...

They will try to save the Façade of the building on this adjacent plot
Aya Assassin Graffiti

Beirut or BUYrut?

the few people at the Sit in


  1. actually the sentence on the bulldozer is:
    اذا اعطى الرحمن لا تسأل عن السبب
    roughly meaning: When God grants, don't ask for reasons :D

  2. now that you say it, it seems obvious, I'll amend the text accordingly, i saw it اذا اُعطى الرخص

    فالرحمن اعطى الرخص اذاً؟؟ ام الوزير؟.ـ

  3. I'm not sure whether your question فالرحمن اعطى الرخص اذاً؟؟ ام الوزير؟ is rhetorical or not :) anyway, the statement is about thanking God for his gifts without questioning his grace. It's part of statements written on vehicle to ward off evil eyes :D

  4. rhetorical or the wazir and God have an agreement.
    about the statements on heavy vehicles, usually (even this time too) i find those very amusing...


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