Thursday, April 14, 2011

The man that turned out to be a tailor, the rePLACE Beirut Project and Urban Gentrification (Briefly)

As I am often in Geitawi, last saturday I was wandering around, taking pictures of street walls and posters for the rePLACE workshop, a mapping of Beirut project (pass by this Saturday to see the outcome of the workshop, or you can also still submit your route here.)
The classy posture of this man and his smile captured  my attention, I had to stop and talk to him and eventually take a portrait of him (not a snap, he wanted to take his time, stand nicely,... hand in the pocket or not,...). He reminded me of the Sartorialist Blog, I think he should be there :)

The gentrification of Beirut is another issue that should be talked about more also. It is somehow ironically slowed down (more in areas like Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze, but also Geitawi) by the old rent laws I previously mentioned here, so how can we have less gentrification and a fair rent law for all?

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  1. It's true! He does belong on the Sartorialist blog! I've never heard of the rePLACE Beirut project..what a great initiative!


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