Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do all 'Massage' places in lebanon have the green light?

'Massage' place in Lebanon has electricity & green light!

Away from the clutter of classifieds newspapers, a "massage" place in Lebanon, advertises its presence using green light, quite a communication strategy, specially when the whole building (and area) is not even lit.
This is definitely not for usual Spa treatments. Now that the address is so explicitly advertised why be shy about the mobile phone numbers.

Is the 'message' clean? emmm, I mean clear?


  1. hahah..WOW..this out there, isn't it? Wonder what type of massage they're promoting! Quite over tactics!

  2. it is really funny how some things are illegal, so people find a way to publicize and advertise by naming differently, but after a while everyone knows the trade by the new name : "massage", making it more difficult to the real physiotherapist to showcase their expertise...

  3. I would suggest to actually go to TIBISOU for a massage in Beirut


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