Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Met This Man

I met this man one week ago, in his 110 year old traditional house and terrace, where he invited me for lunch. (Well not just myself, but also my brother, newly wed to his granddaughter and the two families.) He still has that charming way of his in starring directly into your eyes and telling you stories. Not any fairy tale, but real life stories from back in the days and up till yesterday: he is a recording memory of all the story of his life and parallel events and an analyst of all of these combined; he's well experienced in other words. though this 93 year old man is now living alone in Zahlé with a house keeper and his daughters pay him a visit every day or two, he likes telling stories of his travels all around the globe from Russia to Brazil to any listening ear willing to pay attention.
His charm and acuity while telling a story is just surprising. When I told him that I just love this photo of his (it somehow reminds me of beautiful roman man and actors in fellini's Satyricon) and might want to use it somewhere, maybe on the net, he replied: take it, and take more of my photos, what does a man my age needs them for now? and I've got plenty: 93 years of photos, spread them around and talk about me, also maybe I would still interest some woman, who knows.


  1. "93 years of photos, spread them around and talk about me, also maybe I would still interest some woman, who knows"

    I like his sense of humor. I also like the photo of the coffee cups. In fact, I'm going to make coffee now :)

  2. I love the photos in the golden box..a golden box of memories of the golden days..beautiful post.

  3. well i surely would love to come back to Lebanon and visit him in his Zahlé residence
    (i loved staying in the Akl Hotel anyhow - it's a monument:)
    my neighbour is 88 and isn't it incredible how old brains can still be so acurate and full of detailed memories / i guess i'm gonna go ask him to post his wonderful picture as a young Belgian soldier during the second WorldWar leaning proudly against his arms transporting truck where he had painted his fiancé's name - Franzesca (she was Polish) in large beautiful writing!


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